Things To Do in LaBelle, Florida


LaBelle, a city and the country seat of Hendry County, Florida can trace its roots way back in the 1880’s. LaBelle was then a settlement in the 1880s during the era where the Caloosahatchee River began to play an integral art in the dreams of Everglades Reclamation by then Philadelphia entrepreneur Hamilton Disstons. In 1889, the names “Belle City” and “LaBelle” were the names given for the tiny new settlements that were mostly populated by cattle drovers. LaBelle has a rich history to tell dating back in the early 19th Century.
Meaning beautiful in French, LaBelle has proven that their place is indeed a beautiful place to visit. One of the few places that you need to visit in
One of the few tourist attractions in LaBelle is their abundance of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and orange. And also growing the town’s economy is vegetable growing. Citrus planting in LaBelle doubled in the year 1986. It rose from 40,000 to a staggering 90,000 acres. Today, Hendry County boasts nearly 15 million citrus fruit trees and that is more than any other county in Florida and other states.
The people of LaBelle are also known to be music lovers. The City of LaBelle is well known for their schools’ impressive music programs. One good proof of this is that many students are more than eager enough to play in the school bands. Actually, over a hundred students of the LaBell Middle School joined the school band and that is already a large percentage of the total student body. If you happen to visit a local restaurant or drop by a community, you can actually hear fine bluegrass and country musicians playing their music.
If you are looking to have some fun and enjoy yourself with a good country club atmosphere, the Port Labelle is the place for you to go. Port LaBelle is a 31,000 acre single family community. You can easily find this place three miles east of the city. The place was developed by General Development Corp. during the 1980s. In Port LaBelle, you can see some of the famous hotels, marina and residential community in the entire city.
The City of LaBelle is also home to the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival. This festivity is held every last full weekend of February. Visitors from the different parts of the globe visit LaBelle just to witness this amazing festival. The festival is named in honor of the Sable Palm, or also known as “cabbage palm”. Sable Palm is actually Florida’s state tree and it earned the moniker of cabbage palm due to its tender pulp. It is also known for the “heart of palm” that you can find inside of the cabbage palm’s trunk. Famed for its scenic beauty, LaBelle credits this to the abundance of Sable Palm in the area.
The said festival also features Miss Swamp Cabbage where they teenage girls compete for the crown. During the festival, the city’s local church groups sing their gospel songs. People also enjoy betting on the festival’s popular armadillo races.
These are just some of the things in LaBelle that you need to check out. More than the city’s amazing beauty, LaBelle is also known for their warm and accommodating locals. You can never go
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